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Enjoy Exciting Discount Offers On Flights to Tokyo

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Hunt Down cheap flights to Tokyo With Travanya

Escape reality and enter the wonderland of Tokyo. With Travanya, you don’t have to worry about the cost. Focus on exploring the city instead of being concerned about the price of plane tickets to Tokyo. From your flight tickets to your accommodation, it’s our duty to find you the best. On our website, to make your travel cheap, we offer you a round trip to Tokyo. This will be more cost-efficient than one-way flights to Tokyo. Contact Us!! Grab these exciting offers before the deal ends.

Best Time To Book A Flight To Tokyo

Reserve your flight tickets to Tokyo in April. Using the previous year’s data sets, professionals at Travanya have found that April is the cheapest month to fly to Tokyo. The cost of airline tickets to Tokyo is at least 17% less during this month when compared to the rest of the year.

Cheapest Day To Fly To Tokyo

The best day to travel to Tokyo at a reasonably low price is on a Tuesday. To be more precise, choose flights around twilight when most airlines reduce the rate of Flights to HND. If you are flexible, then try out different days to find out the best flight deals to Tokyo. 

Cheapest Time Of The Day To Fly Tokyo

After picking up a suitable date, try out different times to see when the rate spirals down. Almost all the flights to Tokyo will be reasonably low during midnight because the air traffic will be low during that time of the day. 

Leading Airlines Flying To Tokyo

You can travel to Japan from anywhere because mostly all the airlines operate flights to Japan. Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airlines are the countries’ airlines that provide flights to Tokyo. Other major airlines that fly to Tokyo include Vistara, Air India, Air Asia, etc. 

Average Flight Ticket Price For Tokyo

The cost of flight tickets to Tokyo may vary based on the airline you choose and the time you book the ticket. For round-trip flights to Tokyo, the average cost will be around INR 30,000, while one-way tickets start from INR 15,000. If you choose to book your tickets at Travanya, you will find the best flight deals to Tokyo.

Tips To Book Flights to HND, Tokyo

About Tokyo

From historic buildings to the sky touching iconic sites, your eyes will love what you see in Tokyo. Tokyo is a bustling city in Japan. Currently, the trend of anime is spreading worldwide, and Tokyo is the central city of origin for amazing anime and mangas. Being the capital of Japan, Tokyo is one of the most populated cities in Japan. The tourists who travel to Tokyo love the city because there are towering buildings that preserve nature. People visiting Tokyo will never leave the city without tasting ramen. You will also find a number of hotels in the city for your stay with luxurious services. The town was named Edo before it was known as Tokyo. Most of the electronic gadgets and video games are developed and manufactured in the city. So, book your flight to Tokyo and enjoy its various tourist destinations

Places to explore in Tokyo

Tokyo is known for its cultural activities and various attractions. The festivals celebrated in Tokyo are very famous and bring tourists from different parts of the world to the city. Some of the must-visit places in Tokyo are:

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Where To Shop In Tokyo?

Get the Edge by Booking Tokyo Flight Tickets With Travanya.

There might be a question popping in your mind. How will I find my flight to Tokyo at an affordable rate? The answer to your question is Travanya. Our professionals have gone through all the possible scenarios and have put together the best package of fantastic international flight deals to fly to Tokyo without being very expensive. You will not be able to find airline tickets to Tokyo at such a low price anywhere else. Our firm bond with the airlines has given us the chance to make our clients happy. On our website, you can even find cheap weekend flights to Tokyo. Contact Us!! Slash these edgy offers, and have a wonderful trip to Tokyo. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the International airport in Tokyo located?

Answer: The Haneda Airport or the Tokyo International airport is situated at Hanedakuko, Ota City, Tokyo 144-0041, Japan, and the IATA code is HND.

Q: Are there any restrictions to travel to Tokyo during corona?

Answer: You should have a PCR test result that came out negative and was taken within 72 hours to travel around the city. There is a mandatory 14-day quarantine for tourists.

Q: Is a visa necessary to travel from India to Tokyo?

Answer: Yes, if you plan on travelling to Tokyo from India, you must have your Visa with your other IDs.

Q: What is the baggage limit allowed on flights to Tokyo?

Answer: It may differ based on airlines. But generally, an economy class can carry 23 kg, and business and first-class passengers can carry 32kg luggage.

Q: What is the distance between India and Tokyo?

Answer: The air distance from the centre of India to the city of Tokyo will be around 6082 Kilometers.


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