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Catch Cheapest Airfares On Flights To Surabaya With Travanya

Dreaming to explore the sweeping vistas of Surabaya over the waters? Make the most of Travanya’s travel deals on plane tickets to Surabaya. All you need to do is pick your attires and pack your essentials as we will take care of your flight booking services and accommodation. 

Surabaya will be the best destination to get away from this crowded world. Not to make you worry about the budget limits, we provide you with these amazing offers on tickets to Surabaya. From round trips to Surabaya to one-way tickets, the offers apply to every ticket you book to fly to SUB.

Best Month To Book A Flight to Surabaya

February is an ideal month to book flight tickets to Surabaya as it is generally considered a low season.  However, to enjoy warm and cosy weather, October is the best month to travel to Surabaya. You can also find cheap flights to Surabaya in April.

Cheapest Day To Fly To Surabaya

Cheap tickets to Surabaya are generally found on Wednesdays. It is advised by our experts to plan your departure on mid-week days to make your journey affordable. Generally, flights to SUB are expensive on Saturdays.

Cheapest Time Of The Day To Fly To Surabaya

Early morning is the best time to fly to Surabaya. As time gradually goes on, the flight fare to SUB becomes expensive. The cost of untimely departure flights is usually reasonable. Through analysis, it has been found that evening flights are costly. It is best to choose a time with less air traffic.

Major Airlines Flying To Surabaya

Many popular airlines serve India to the Surabaya route. They might be connected or direct flights. Major airlines flying to Surabaya include Singapore Airlines, SilkAir, AirAsia, Garuda Indonesia, Cathay Pacific, and Jet Airways. However, you might not find direct flights on this route frequently.

Average Flight Ticket Price For Surabaya

To commute via flights to Surabaya, you can expect your flight tickets to cost you between 28,292 to 43,332 for a one-way flight. The flight fare depends on the time you choose to book the ticket. If it is done in a last-minute rush, the cost might be very expensive.

Tips To Book Budget-Friendly Flights To Surabaya

About Surabaya

Fall in love all over again by planning a trip to SUB. The city is famously known as the city of heroes in Indonesia. This is because of its contribution during independence and winning tough battles. Hop into the flights to Surabaya and spend your vacation looking at the beautiful ocean on all sides of the city. SUB is practically on the Islands of Java. Enjoy and experience the rich and ethnic culture of the city with your loved ones, and stay in the top-rated Surabaya hotels. Remo dance, ludruk, and Cak dan Ning Surabaya are a few famous traditions followed in the city attracting many tourists.

Places To Explore In Surabaya

The city might be small, but it has a hell load of attractions and activities to keep you excited throughout your stay. Book your flight tickets to Surabaya immediately and have the best vacation. 

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Where To Shop In Surabaya?

Pick Travanya For Budget-Friendly Flight Tickets To Surabaya

Travanya’s connection with the prominent airlines and their alliance helps our clients have an affordable vacation. Right now, our website offers the best international flight deals to Surabaya that you will find nowhere else. We have the best website that will guide you through the ticket booking process. Our customer care service is always just one call away from you. 

Ring us on +91-800-023-5865, and we will help you book your tickets without any hustle. Even if you end up planning at the end moment, we will ensure you find the best offers and packages available. Plan your trip to SUB soon and make use of the deals flying around on our website! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are round trip airfare to Surabaya cheaper than one-way?

Answer: It depends on the amount of time you spend in Surabaya. If the stay is going to be longer, then opt for one way flights to Surabaya. If it is a short vacation, then round trips are preferable.

Q: How to know if my flight to Surabaya is booked or not?

Answer: If you reserve your aeroplane tickets to Surabaya with us, you will receive an instant confirmation via email and text confirming your reservation.

Q: How much is a plane ticket to Surabaya if I travel from India?

Answer: The basic one-way price starts from INR 28,292 for a one-way flight. However, prices may fluctuate from time to time.

Q: Are there any baggage allowance restrictions on flights to Surabaya?

Answer: The baggage allowance policy differs based on airlines. The minimum baggage weight can be around 23 kg for cabin and 7 kg for hand baggage.

Q: What is the name of the international airport in Surabaya?

Answer: Surabaya Juanda International Airport is the major airport that focuses on Surabaya, East Java, and the cities nearby.

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