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Get Surprised With Cheap Prices on Flights from India to Phuket

We are elated to offer you the best flight deals to Phuket so that you can travel to Thailand at the cheapest prices. Now is the time for you to experience the vacation that you have always wished for. While you are booking flight tickets to Phuket, check out the options we provide for making that round trip to Phuket.Also, you can count on us for booking rooms at hotels and scheduling transport.  

Whether it is a simple weekend trip or a romantic getaway, we have an offer for every type you have in mind. We strive to provide you with amazing quality and combine it with a myriad of marvellous deals. So, don’t worry about your budget any longer and let your dreams take flight and run wild. Avail of the best, exclusive and cheap offers and deals by booking flights with Travanya.

Major airlines flying to Phuket

Airlines flying from India to Phuket include Malaysia Airlines, Thai AirAsia, Thai Airways, Emirates, and Cathay Pacific You can also book your plane tickets to Phuket from other leading airlines like Bangkok Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Qatar Airways. 

Best Month to fly to Phuket

Cheaper airline tickets to Phuket can be acquired if you book your tickets 1-2 months prior to the travel date. It has been observed that October is the low season for travel. This season is the cheapest time to fly to Phuket as the frequency of travel is lower than usual. This accounts for the incredible offers available during this period. With Travanya, you can get cheap flights to Phuket enabling you to treat yourself to the holiday of your dreams.

Passengers can book their tickets to Phuket on a Tuesday or Wednesday night to get cheap airfare to Phuket. If you book your flight on a weekday, you can save up to 10% on your flight ticket.

Flight tickets to Phuket are the least expensive when booked during the middle of the week. They are even cheaper when you book them close to midnight or early morning. 

Average flight ticket price for Phuket

We are certain that you are riddled with the question of “how much is a plane ticket to Phuket” within your mind. On average, the round trip airfare to Phuket starts from around INR 21,002 for a one-way flight. Due to the demand, season, availability, etc, these prices may vary.

Route Information

Cheapest Price & MonthINR ₹ 7,401 (July)
India to Phuket Distance 2653 km
India to Phuket Flight Time 4 hrs, 8 mins
Cheapest AirlinesGoAir
Flight Discounts*Upto 5% Off
Departure AirportDelhi Airport, Mumbai Airport, Chennai Airport & more.
Arrival AirportPhuket International Airport (HKT)

Tips to book flights to HKT, Phuket

About Phuket

Phuket is a beautiful island city of Thailand and is the largest Island in the country. The relaxing beaches, top-rated Phuket hotels, delicious and piquant Thai Cuisine and water activities like surfing, diving, etc. are the components that contribute to the appeal of the city. 

Phuket has an amazing atmosphere and social vibe that makes it one of the cities that is growing in popularity amongst tourists. If you want a vacation trip filled with relaxing outings and adventurous events, you should book your cheap flights to Phuket today.  

Places to Explore in Phuket

Phuket has a wide array of eye-catching locations and sights to visit and explore. Here are a few of them:  

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Where to shop in Phuket

Booking Phuket flight tickets with Travanya is the Pro-choice

Do you yearn to travel to Phuket at the lowest airfare possible? Well, Travanya is here to answer your heart’s calling by offering you exclusive international flight deals that are available. We have put together a team of travel agents who will match your needs with terrific offers. We have always focused on making your trip to Thailand fruitful.

Regardless of when and where you wish to travel, you can reach out to us. By choosing us, you can treat yourself to an amazing flight experience that won’t tank your budget. So, place your faith in us and contact our team today at +91-800-023-5865 to get unbelievably cheap tickets to Phuket. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I book a direct flight to Phuket?

Answer: Yes! There are many airlines that offer non-stop and direct flights to Phuket.

Q: Can I book my flight to Phuket and the return flight on separate airlines?

Answer: Yes! Most airlines offer round trip flights to Phuket, but you can also book one-way flights to Phuket separately. This can be done through airlines such as Thai Airways, Emirates, and Cathay Pacific.

Q: How can I receive the most economical travel discounts on flights to HKT?

Answer: Start hunting for cost-effective and cheap flights to HKT a month in advance. This way you can ensure avoiding the weekend flights to Phuket to make the cost of your flight cheap.

Q: What is the IATA code of Phuket Airport?

Answer: The Phuket International airport is an important airport in Thailand and its IATA code is HKT.

Q: How does Travanya guarantee pocket-friendly flights to Phuket?

Answer: Travanya has close ties and relationships with airlines that have been built and nurtured over the years spent in the travel industry. This allows us to provide cheap airfare to Phuket.

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