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Obtain high-value and profitable deals on flights to Kabul

Get an exclusive and extraordinary chance to book tickets at an affordable price from Travanya. We are excited to provide you with the best flight deals to Kabul that are sure to impress you. We offer some great value on flights to Kabul, which you can get by exploring our website. We also provide options for making a round trip to Kabul. Travanya strives to ensure all the facets of your travels are layered with comfort and backed by affordability.  We hold a reputation for providing pocket-friendly air tickets! 

Best time to fly to Kabul

It is highly beneficial to book your airline tickets to Kabul at least a month or even two before the date. It will put you in the best position to get the most value for your money. April has been the cheapest time to fly to Kabul; you can book your tickets during this period to get reasonable costs. So start your search for cheap flight tickets to Kabul, and book accordingly. 

Cheapest day to fly to Kabul

Cheap airfare to Kabul can be made possible by booking your tickets to Kabul either on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. These mid-week prices can save you upto 10 – 20% on your flight ticket. 

Cheapest time of the day to fly to Kabul

Plan your trip on a weekday and book your flight tickets to Kabul around midnight or the early morning hours. It is one of the best ways to get some cheap discounts. 

Major airlines flying to Kabul

Airlines flying from India to Kabul include Air India, SpiceJet, Kam Air, Ariana Afghan Airlines, etc. You can also book your plane tickets to Kabul for International flights from eminent airlines like Etihad, Emirates, flydubai, Air Arabia, etc. 

Average flight ticket price for Kabul

How much is a plane ticket to Kabul? Our team has figured out that round trip airfare to Kabul is about INR 20000 – 30000. Depending on various factors like season, choice of airline, availability, etc., the prices may vary significantly. 

Tips to book flights to Kabul

About Kabul

Kabul is a marvellous city that is the capital city of Afghanistan. Being the country’s largest and only metropolis, it is famous for its history and hospitality. Often considered as a paradise in the mountains, it is an important centre for financial, cultural, and tourist activities. The city is also famous for its markets and trade centres that were crucial points along the ancient silk road. Kabul has a plethora of gardens, palaces, and bazaars that add to the city’s atmosphere. You will find a number of hotels to stay in Kabul during your vacation or a visit. You should book your cheap flights to Kabul with us to get them at the best prices. 

Places to Explore in Kabul

Kabul has loads of interesting places to tour and explore. Here are a few of them: 

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Where to shop in Kabul?

Do yourself a favour by booking Kabul flight tickets with Travanya 

Are you tired of being let down by the absence of affordable flights to Kabul? Well, Travanya is here to rejuvenate your motivation to go on the vacation of your dreams at the lowest prices. We offer numerous discounts and international flight deals that will knock your socks off and blow your mind. We also have an assemblage of expert professionals who take great pleasure in assisting you. They ensure to help you find the best travel plan that will suit all your requirements. You can reach out to them at  +91-8000235865 any time and have all your pending doubts and queries clarified. By choosing to book flights with Travanya, not only do you get Cheap tickets to Kabul, but you also get a high-quality experience.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I receive the most value out of my flights to KBL?

Answer: Be on the lookout for cheap flights to KBL at least a month prior to your travel date. Ensure you don’t book weekend flights to Kabul as they tend to be costlier.

Q: Can I book a direct flight to Kabul?

Answer: Yes! You will be pleased to know that many airlines offer direct flights to Kabul.

Q: What is the IATA code of Kabul Airport?

Answer: The Kabul International airport is also called the Hamid Karzai International Airport, and its IATA code is KBL.

Q: How does Travanya guarantee pocket-friendly flights to Kabul?

Answer: Travanya has gradually built fruitful relations with airline and flight providers over the years spent in the travel Industry. This empowers us to provide you with insanely cheap airfare to Kabul.

Q: Can I separately book my flight to Kabul and the return flight?

Answer: Yes! Although many airlines offer round trip flights to Kabul, you can book one-way flights to Kabul separately.


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