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Treat Yourself with the Riveting Deals on Flights to Jordan

Leave all the troubles behind and think only of all the adventures that preceded your trip to Jordan. That’s because Travanya has your back! Fly to Jordan with us and have the best time of your life. Plane tickets to Jordan are available at discounted prices on our website. Choose your day and travel with ultimate peace of mind. Our website will provide you with a sorted list of flight fares matching your preference. If you start using our remarkable deals, you will find flights to Jordan and flights from Jordan at relatively low prices. Get ready to travel the city without worrying about the cost. As promised, our experts will only find the best deals offered by airlines. A few swipes and taps to access deals and get cheap airfare to Jordan.

Best Time To Book Flight To Jordan

Are you planning a trip to Jordan? Then you should book your plane ticket to Jordan at least 30 days before your trip. Last-minute hassles are always the worst. So make sure to plan the holiday well to get cheap tickets to Jordan.

Cheapest Day To Fly To Jordan

A weekend or beginning is always expensive as people return home or start their journey these days. Thus, airlines keep the flight fares quite high during this tenure. Thus, we would advise you to avoid weekend flights to Jordan and choose mid-week.

Cheapest Time Of Day To Fly To Jordan

Airlines have specific algorithms to determine the price of flight tickets. The best time to fly to Jordan is with an early morning flight which is less expensive. Afternoon flight tickets to Jordan are usually the most expensive.

Major Airlines That Fly To Jordan

Lufthansa (LH), Pegasus Airlines (PC), Royal Air Maroc (AT), Royal Jordanian (RJ), Emirates (EK), Etihad Airways (EY), Fly Dubai (FZ) are some of the airlines that operate flights to Jordan. Huh. There are both round trip and one-way flights available to Jordan. Choose your convenient airline to fly to Jordan with the help of Travanya’s team.

Average Flight Ticket Price To Jordan

The cost of flights is subject to change on a round trip and one-way basis. The average round trip cost of a Jordan flight would be around INR 35,000. On the other hand, a one-way flight can cost Rs 15,000. This cost may increase depending on the airline you wish to travel in.

Tips To Book Flights To JDN, Jordan

About Jordan

Jordan is a very small town in Montana. The place is surrounded by hills and farms. Jordan was once a Jurassic world because the place has been a significant bed for finding dinosaur fossils. It is the same reason that has made Palaeontologists fall in love with this place. The remains of the T-Rex were found in Hell Creek Formation. Tourists visiting the city love the museums because of the presence of ancient fossils. The town is also famous for its cowboy ranch. The climate in the city is always mild and arid. You can find a number of hotels to stay in Jordan during your vacation. Why are you still waiting? Book your Flights to JDN and witness the ancient dinosaur fossils. 

Places To Explore In Jordan

Though the town is small, the place attracts a lot of tourists for its old heritage and kids-loving activities. The city is still very much connected to nature which helps the travellers to relax.

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Where To Shop In Jordan?

Perquisites Of Booking Jordan Flight Tickets With Travanya

India’s leading tour and travel agency is excited to offer some great deals on Jordan tickets. Start your vacation with Travanya and leave all your tour planning stress to us. We focus on allowing our customers to enjoy their holidays while we handle all the planning and execution parts.

We would like you to create only memories on your trip to Jordan. Hence, we offer these great vacation packages that will help you fly to Jordan without any cost. Our team at Travanya will provide you with the best tips to find what you are looking for. The last minute flight deals to Jordan at any time of year can be found on our website. Contact Us at +91-8000235865, pick a date and book tickets to enjoy your stay in the beautiful city with us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the documents required on my flight to Jordan?

Answer: Passport is mandatory for an international tourist visa. For all other tourist boarding passes, ID proof and ticket confirmation must be carried.

Q: Should I go into quarantine upon landing in Jordan?

Answer: Only, travellers coming from the US do not need to be quarantined in Jordan. Other tourists will have to be quarantined until they provide negative COVID results.

Q: How to find cheap flights to JDN?

Answer: With Travanya, you will be able to find cheap tickets to Jordan whenever you want.

Q: Is it necessary to wear a mask in the city?

Answer: Yes, you must wear a mask while roaming around the city to protect yourself and others.

Q: Will I be able to find round trip flights to Jordan?

Answer: Yes, to make your travel affordable, many important airlines offer round-trip offers. Take advantage of these offers if you are planning to stay for a short time.

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