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Top 13 Places To Celebrate Holi 2022 In India

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Cities To Celebrate Holi 2022 In India

Holi celebration in India is all about colours, huge crowds, loud music and crazy dancing. Holi this year will be observed on 18th March 2022. People in India celebrate this day with great enthusiasm by smearing colours to each other as a symbol of unity, thereby forgetting all kinds of hatred towards one another. Holi festival in India is one such festivities when people of all castes come together and forget their differences. Holi 2022 being one of the festivals in India will be celebrated with full-on euphoria. People will be seen exchanging greetings, sweets, and colours, sending out a powerful message of unity. 

So what could be a better way to eradicate some social evils than by celebrating Holi festival India with all its gaiety and fervour? If you are looking for some energetic and traditional Holi celebrations in India, we have sorted out the right list for you. Pick your best place to celebrate Holi in India and explore the unmatchable aesthetics and experiences. The colours, fun, songs and dance are sure to give you some unforgettable Holi festival memories. 

Holy 2022 Date: 19th March, 2022

List Of Best Places To Celebrate Holi In India

1. Holi Celebration In Mathura 

Holi Celebration In Mathura 

Want to make your Holi 2022 the most memorable? Head to Mathura for the most memorable Holi celebration with lots of music, dance, and “laddoos”. Holi in Mathura is also referred to as “Laddoo Ki Holi” and offers a completely different experience for visitors.  Located in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Mathura is thronged by devotees during Holi festival who come to offer prayers to lord Vishnu and Radha respectively. If you want to enjoy some spiritual moments during your Holi holiday then visiting Mathura should definitely be on your list.

Holi Celebration Place – Dwarakadheesh Temple, Mathura 

2. Holi Celebration In Vrindavan

Holi Celebration In Vrindavan

When we talk about the Holi festival in India, then one cannot miss out on Vrindavan as this place hold immense significance for Hindu religious people. Vrindavan is just 14 kilometres away from Mathura and it is believed to be the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days. The Holi 2022 celebrations here will be fully vibrant and usually attracts large crowds from all over the country. Vrindavan is a perfect place for the best Holi celebration in India, where people play Holi with flowers and colours. The reason Vrindavan Holi is always referred to as “Phoolon Ki Holi.”

Holi Celebration Place – Banke Bihari Temple 

3. Holi Celebration In Barsana

Holi Celebration In Barsana

A place where “Lathmar Holi” is originated, Barsana is no doubt one of the most interesting places for experiencing the Holi festival. Here, women beat up men with sticks (lathis) to tease them while the men try to protect themselves as much as possible. The best part is that these festivities starts one week ahead of Holi, this year taking place on 13th March 2022. The tiny villages of Nandgaon and Barsana may seem quite ordinary during non-festival days but just wait until March comes along with Holi 2022 celebrations. You will also find people enjoying traditional songs and dance performances.

Holi Celebration Place – Radha Rani Temple

4. Holi Celebration In Delhi

Want to experience a more traditional Holi festival? Getting your flights to Delhi booked for Holi 2022 is the best thing to do. Holi in Delhi is one of the most colourful and vibrant festivals that you could ever witness. If you have been fortunate enough to celebrate Holi around India but there are no words to describe celebrating Holi this year in Delhi. People visit each other’s places or gather at a mutual spot to have unlimited fun on the Holi holiday. Celebrations in Delhi generally start by marking a “Tilak” on a person’s forehead which is considered a good omen. 

Holi Celebration Place – Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit

5. Holi Celebration In Ahmedabad

Holi Celebration In Ahmedabad

Are you eager to know how to celebrate Holi in Ahmedabad? If you want to enjoy some crazy dancing with music and colours, your flights to Ahmedabad can take you to witness day-long festivities on Holi 2022 in Ahmedabad. People of this city gather around the lakes of Ahmedabad and temples to enjoy the Holi holiday with great fervour and enthusiasm. You can also see the sights of traditional music, dance in Ahmedabad on the beautiful occasion of the Holi festival. Do make sure that you visit one of Ahmedabad for a truly memorable Holi experience.

Holi Celebration Place – Hathee Singh Temple, Calico Museum Of Textiles, Sabarmati Waterfront and Thor Lake. 

6. Holi Celebration In Mumbai

Holi Celebration In Mumbai

If you are wondering about the right place to celebrate the Holi festival in Mumbai, we do have a list of all the popular places that you must visit to have unforgettable Holi celebrations. So try to do something different on Holi this year by joining a vibrant Holi party or bash. During the Holi festival, Mumbai does come alive with all the colours, Holi decorations, dancing, food and drinks. Take your flight to Mumbai and come together with Mumbaikars to make the most of this festival. Holi 2022 in Mumbai will be celebrated on 18th March and you should not miss out on all the fun and craziness of the Holi festival this year. 

Holi Celebration Place – Marine Drive, Gorai Beach and Yamunavan Camps

7. Holi Celebration In Jaipur 

Holi Celebration In Jaipur 

The Pink City Jaipur do come alive with all sorts of festivities during Holi festival celebrations. The colours of Jaipur on the Holi festivities are unparalleled as you can see sights of colourful people and traditional dances. From shopping fairs to special cultural programs, there is something for everyone here on the occasion of the Holi festival. Enjoying this beautiful festival of colours in Jaipur is perfect for people who want to enjoy the ethnicity and tradition of Rajasthan. So, book your flights to Jaipur now and do not forget to enjoy Rajasthani delicacies and folk dances as well!

Holi Celebration Place – Amber Fort and Palace. In Front of Hawa Mahal, and Birla Mandir

8. Holi Celebration in Udaipur


Want to experience the royal and the best Holi celebration in India? Well, for that you need to take your flights to Udaipur to celebrate your Holi 2022 gracefully. The holi celebrations in Udaipur is commenced one day in advance, starting with Holika Dahan, which in Udaipur is known as Mewar Holika Dahan. You can also experience the vibrant rally that is led by the royal family members of Udaipur. However, the second day of Holi is celebrated by the locals with full-on enthusiasm. Even the hotels and restaurants in Udaipur keep everything arranged for the Holi parties in Udaipur.

Holi Celebration Place – City Palace and Manek Chownk

9. Holi Celebration In Indore

Holi Celebration In Indore

Indore in Madhya Pradesh is one of the best cities to experience the real enjoyment of the Holi festival. More than 50,000 people gather together to celebrate this fun festival with great enthusiasm and joy. If you want to witness the colour and euphoria of the Holi festival in its full glory, taking your flights to Indore could be the right thing to do this Holi 2022. Just make sure to visit the city 5 days before the main holi even on Rangpanchami as the main Holi event in Indore is celebrated just a few days before. So, reunite with your friends, colleagues, and family on this colourful occasion. 

Holi Celebration Place – Rajwada and ISCON Indore

10. Holi Celebration in Anandpur Sahib

Holi Celebration in Anandpur Sahib

A day before Holi, you will find people visiting Anandpur Sahib to offer their prayers. Celebrated with great zeal in Anandpur Sahib city of Punjab, the Holi festival is a unique celebration where the Nihangs warriors from different gurudwaras perform kirtans and Gatka (traditional martial arts form). People from across the different regions of Punjab gather together in Anandpur Sahib to celebrate the Holi festival. The aura of this festival in Anandpur Sahib will definitely give you goosebumps with people chanting Gurbani and religious music. 

Holi Celebration Place – Anandpur Sahib Gurudwara

 11. Holi Celebration in Hampi

Holi Celebration in Hampi

The beautiful town Hampi where Holi 2022 will be celebrated with full glory and enthusiasm. The town celebrated Holi day-long with all the festivities, rituals and traditions. People gather across the temples and celebrate this festival of colours in a traditional way. Apart from Indian people. You can also witness foreigners enjoying the splashes of colours and celebrating this festival in the crowd with great zest and excitement. So, get ready to gather in the beautiful temples of Hampi to celebrate the best Holi party this year with ultimate fun and delicious Holi food. 

Holi Celebration Place – Hampi Temples and Banks of the river Tungabhadra

12. Holi Celebration in Shantiniketan

Holi Celebration in Shantiniketan

A peaceful city that lies around 162 km away from Kolkata, Holi in Shantiniketan is celebrated in the name of Basanta Utsav with great pomp and show. This festival is celebrated around 2 days before the main Holi event and in Shantiniketan, Holi 2022 will begin from 16th March 2022 till 18th March 2022. you will find people dressed in bright colours enjoying traditional music, dance and theatre performances. If you are looking for a peaceful and traditional way to celebrate Holi near Kolkata, Shantiniketan is the right place for you.

Holi Celebration Place – Viswa-Bharati University and Poush Mela Maidan

13. Holi Celebration in Goa 

Holi Celebration in Goa 

Holi in Goa is all about crazy energy, unlimited fun, dancing, and loud Bollywood music. The Goa people celebrate the Holi festival in name of the Spring festival called “Shigmo.” The splashes of vibrant bright colours, interesting games and prizes and the best deep-fried snacks can be seen during the Holi holiday. The best thing to witness is how foreign tourists check-in the places and make the most of the Holi festival. If you want to celebrate the festival of Holi in a modern and energetic way, taking your flights to Goa is the best thing to do. You can also get tickets for Goa Holi carnivals and parties. 

Holi Celebration Place – Panaji. Vasco-Da-Gama, and Mapusa 


So, have you made up your mind to celebrate Holi 2022? We hope our recommendations have helped you in finding the right place to celebrate the Holi festival. The above-mentioned are definitely some of the best places where you can have unlimited fun on Holi this year. For more information, you can get in touch with our travel professional via call at +91-800-023-5865 or via live chat. Our travel experts at Travanya will also guide you with the most affordable flight tickets prices. So, plan your trip accordingly and enjoy every minute of your Holi celebrations in these cities of India. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: When is Holi in 2022?

Answer: The Holi festival in 2022 will take place on 18th March, 2022.

Que: Why we celebrate Holi?

Answer: Holi festival signifies the victory of good over evil. Based on Bhagvata Purana, an arrogant and proudy King named Hiranyakashipu wanted everybody to worship him as God. However, his son Prahlada disagreed and chose to worship Lord Vishnu. To punish Prahlada for same, the King’s sister Holika took Prahlada in fire with her, and protected herself with cloak. As the fire flared up, the cloak flew towards Prahlada, saving his life while Holika burning in fire. To mark this victory, people start the Holi festival India with “Holika Dahan” a day before Holi.

Que: How to remove Holi colour from face?

Answer: The simplest and easiest way to take off Holi colour from face is by applying coconut oil on hair and skin before starting the Holi celebrations. The coconut oil will not let the colours to stick to your face and will easily get scrubb off while taking the shower.

Que: Where happens the best holi celebration in India?

Answer: Holi is celebrated all over in India but Holi celebrations in Vrindavan, Mathura, Anandpur Sahib, and Goa are the most popular.

Que: How to make Holi colours at home?

Answer: The natural way to make Holi colours at home is super easy. You can boil beetroot or pomegranate peel for wet red colour, and for dry options you can mix turmeric powder and gram flour (besan) to make yellow Holi colour at home.


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