Visa-Free Arrival For Indians In Thailand Till April 2020

C’mon, get your happy dance on! Just get going. Now like NOW! This news deserves smiles ear to ear, all teeth.

What exactly is the news about?

So, the news that has successfully earned people’s hearts, making travel companies earn Thailand Holiday Packages in abundance, is that this country has extended its visa-free arrival for Indians till April 2020.

Earlier, in a surprising move, Thailand waived the visa-fees till October 31, 2019. However, now, this famous holiday destination has extended the deadline, showcasing how it is truly the Land of Smiles.

How much will you end up saving?

Since the visa fees account for ฿2000, you’ll end up saving INR 4,697. For those who value money, it’s a pretty good amount that can be spent elsewhere, on activities like water sports, getting clicked with Orangutan in Jungle Safari or getting entry tickets to Art Paradise. 

However, note that your vacation package fits more places in less time as visa-free travel is applicable for a stay of up to 14 days only.

Why This Move?

Thailand has been battling an acute decline in tourism for quite some time now and to curb any further decline, Thailand Tourism has initiated this scheme. While the tourist receipts made up around 12% of Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy, arrivals in Thailand elevated only by a meager percent of 0.89 in June. This move, therefore, is a step “to stimulate growth in tourism and also to spur the slowing economy” told Prayut Chan-o-cha, Thailand’s Prime Minister.

The best part is that with this scheme, people who had Thailand Tour Packages on their minds can witness the Thai New Year, Songkran and also Lunar New Year. It’s, after all, an altogether different experience to visit a country during the celebrations of their festivities.

Is India the only country to gain this benefit?

Well, no. A total of 18 countries, including India and China, have the opportunity to enter Thailand visa-free.

Believe it or not, this is the best time to visit Thailand, a country that has everything from crystal clear waters, national parks, luscious Thai cuisines to ancient temples and grand palaces. You can book a Tour Package to Thailand with where the travel experts will give you best-priced deals and best recommendations!



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