Seven-Coloured Earths in Mauritius – Rainbow Sand

What makes Mauritius mesmerising is that you get the chance of letting rainbow trickle through your fingers by squeezing the seven-coloured sand that your hand holds. Whoa! The very thought gives me goose-bumps and I can’t imagine what it will be to actually witness it in person. If your Mauritius Holiday package From India doesn’t cover this destination, it’s time you consider altering it!

The rainbow earth is made up of seven colours- red, brown, violet, yellow, purple, blue, and green. Located near the village of Chamarel in Mauritius, it has been evoking curiosity among geologists since ages, thereby becoming one of the most-visited tourist attractions.

The different colours possessed by the sand are believed to be a result of the molten volcanic rock cooling down at different temperatures. If you happen to mix different layers of sand together, they’ll filter out and separate into layered spectrums themselves. This inexplicable phenomenon is something on which research faculties have dived deep into and haven’t yet been able to come up with convincing answers.

Another unusual characteristic of the sand dunes here is that even after heavy rains in Mauritius, no erosion is observed. Strange! Once free to explore, the coloured earth is now protected by a wooden fence, letting people only walk around the sand dunes.

Apart from this, the place has some giant turtles, the ones that you can only imagine in a movie!

Be it a mauritius honeymoon package with cruise or mauritius holiday packages all inclusive that you are planning to book, don’t forget to add this Geo Park destination which will pique your curiosity in ways more than one.

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