Poop Coffee In Bali – This Shit Just Got Real

If Bali Holiday Package is on the cards, make sure you get the coffee plantation tour included to delve into the secrets of Balinese coffee. You might not believe that the world-famous coffee in Bali is made from poop, but you’ll surely believe the coffee-makers who will walk you through the whole process.

The poop coffee in Bali is known as Kopi Luwak and is the most expensive coffee in the world. It makes me wonder the mindsets people have that make them drink shit. Pardon the offensive tone but digesting this fact is a bit difficult.

Having said that, respecting people’s choices is important and if you have an adventurous soul, you’ll surely want to try it out while experiencing your Bali Tour Package! Let’s dig deep and find out everything there is to know about Kopi Luwak.


Kopi, in the Indonesian language, means coffee and Luwak is the local name of the Asian palm civet (furry cat-like animal). This animal digests the coffee cherries it is fed and shits in the shape of coffee beans. The process is as follows- Kopi Luwak eats the cherries, cherries pass through the digestive tract, fermentation occurs, then they pass through intestines, and eventually come out as poop which is then collected.

The collected poop beans which are supposedly luscious in taste are roasted, grounded into powder, and boiled to get the world’s best coffee. Congratulations!


Dutch Indie Islands of Java and Sumatra in Indonesia is where Kopi Luwak was first discovered in the 18th century. Because of its ability to make taste buds dance in ecstasy, versions of the Bali poop coffee are now being made in the Philippines, East Timor, and Vietnam.


The taste of Kopi Luwak is said to be heavenly. It is flavoursome with a fruity taste and has absolutely no bitterness. It is such that a lot of Australians can’t survive without this coffee. Rest, to know fully about it, you’ll have to taste it yourself.

Buying Options

As bizarre it may sound, people plan their Bali Holiday Packages especially to taste and buy authentic Luwak Coffee. Not kidding! Coffee lovers extract trips to Indonesia out of their coffee obsession. Right are the ones who say that addiction makes people do unbelievable stuff.

Anyhow, when the coffee plantation tour ends, visitors are handed 11 cups of coffee to taste. However, none of these is the Luwak Coffee. You’ll have to pay even to taste a sample of it. After relishing the myriad samples of Kopi Luwak, you can buy the best. In case, your Bali Tour Package seems far-fetched and your taste buds are running out of patience, you can buy them online. Don’t forget to check their authenticity though.


Low-grade Luwak Coffee can be found at a price of $100 per kilo but the genuine Luwak Coffee is as high as $700 per kilo and $300 per pound. If you’re a first-time buyer, you can taste a sample before deciding if you really want to buy it. A cup sells for over $5 here.

If the Luwak coffee has intrigued you enough, plan your Bali Holiday Package From India to experience both the coffee and the beauty that dwells here. Apart from your coffee drinking spree, do take an Ubud tour which is known for its enchanting landscapes. And of course, when you indulge in the Bali Shopping Therapy, take umpteen packs of Luwak Coffee back home.



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