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7 Interesting and Weird Facts About Airplanes That Might Shock You

Posted on Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 by Pawanpreet Kaur 4 comments

Facts About Airplanes that Might Shock You

Airplanes and catching flights have always been fascinating for most of us. Every day in the world, around 100,000 airplanes fly to different destinations with more than 2 million people taking off. The growth of the aviation industry has been phenomenal and has resulted in the need for faster and more efficient transportation of goods and people. But no matter what, there are some airplanes facts that you might not know and could astound you to another level. From the filthiest place in the airplane to fun facts about planes, we’ve crunched a list of airplane facts that will blow your mind. So, let’s get started!

1 . Lightning Strikes Cannot Really Damage The Airplane 

One of the important airplane facts is that these get hit by a lightning strike most of the time but still stay firm without any damage. Airplanes are designed to withstand the high temperatures and electrostatic discharge associated with lightning strikes. The exterior of an airplane is made of metal, which conducts electricity, and this helps to dissipate the charge from a lightning strike. Meanwhile, the interior of an airplane is typically made of insulation material, which protects passengers and crew members from the electrical current

2. Window Seats Are Not The Safest On The Plane

Amongst the shocking facts about airplanes is that there’s no safest seat and there’s always the potential for danger. According to a study, the fatality rate in airplane accidents is higher for passengers who are sitting in window seats. The study found that the fatality rate for passengers in window seats was 3.7%, while the fatality rate for passengers in aisle seats was 2.3%. The passengers in window seats are more likely to be ejected from the plane during a crash. Additionally, they may have a harder time escaping the plane if it catches fire.

3. Avoid Airplane Food As Much As You Can 

A study on travel and tourism claimed that the nastiest thing on a plane is the tray holding your meal. It contains around 2,155 CFU per square inch which is 10 times more than a toilet flush button on the plane. Moreover, there are a few reasons why airplane food might not taste as good as it could. The food in an airplane is prepared in advance and then reheated, which can affect its taste and texture. And, the pressurized cabin can dull your sense of smell, making it harder to taste your food. Also, the recycled air on an airplane can dry out your mouth and make it difficult to enjoy meals.

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4. The Air On An Airplane Is Not As Clean As You Might Think

The air quality on a plane is actually pretty bad. The air is recirculated and not fresh which means that there are more germs and bacteria in the air on a plane. Plus, there are always more people on the plane which makes a high opportunity for the germs to spread. If you are worried about getting sick while flying, there are a few things you can do. First, try to fly during off-peak times when there are fewer people on the plane. Also, try bringing your own food and water, in addition, to avoiding touching surfaces and keeping your hands sanitized. 

5. Some Airplanes Have Secret Bedroom For The Crew

One of the facts about planes is that some of them have secret bedrooms which usually lies in the back of the plane or near the kitchen area. The bedrooms may be small and cramped, but they provide a place for the crew to rest and sleep during long flights. Some airlines even have special beds and linens for their flight attendants to use in these bedrooms. The crew is also allowed to use the in-flight entertainment options to keep themselves delighted and cheered up on the long haul flights. Most of the time, this can be seen in aircraft like Boeing 777 or Boeing 787. 

6. Dim Lights On A Plane Means Something Else 

This might burst your bubble that dimming lights on a plane are not for your better sleep but has a purpose behind it. The flight attendants dim the lights to make you adjust to the darkness so that it does not create a ruckus if asked to exit immediately. Similarly, the crew members ask the passengers to uplift the window shades during landing to check if everything is right outside. Therefore, one of the important aircraft facts includes that nighttime evacuation can only be done smoothly if the passengers are unfamiliar with brightness at that time. 

7. Can’t Smoke On An Airplane But Still Has Ashtray?

Wondering why do airplanes still have smoking signs or airplane ashtrays? The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) banned smoking in airplanes somewhere in 1990 and completely in the 2000s. But airplanes still keep ashtrays for precaution in case someone breaches the smoking policy. The FAA believes that no matter what, there could always be someone who goes against the rules and tries to violate them. And, in that case, the individual can use the airplane ashtray instead of a trash bin which could further lead to a fire in the plane. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was commercial airplane invented?

Answer: The first commercial flights were launched on 1st January, 1914, and by the end of the First World War, there was a burgeoning global airline industry.

Q: Can you secretly vape on a plane?

Answer: As per TSA policy 2021, vaping is considered a violation of policy in an airplane and if caught can result in heavy penalties. However, one can carry a vape only if it is in your carry on luggage.

Q: What was the biggest milestone in the history of the aviation industry?

Answer: The aviation industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the early 20th century. The first powered flight by the Wright brothers in 1903 was a significant milestone in the history of aviation. In the years that followed, there was rapid progress made in the development of aircraft and aviation infrastructure.

Q: Why can we not use the loo while landing or taking off?

Answer: As believed by the experts, most accidents occur while landing or takeoff as there are no seat belts in the loo to help you. This can also result in a serious situation with very less chances of escape.

Q: What are the economical facts about airplanes?

Answer: The industry provides an essential link between different parts of the globe and contributes immensely to global economic activity. According to IATA, air transport supports nearly 65 million jobs and generates $2.7 trillion in economic activity worldwide.

Aren’t these airplane facts surprising? Well, these are some of the important facts about airplanes that you must know if you are a travel enthusiast. The world of aviation has a lot of odd things that passengers not might have even heard of. No matter how heavily the aviation industry is responding to the need for new aircraft and infrastructure. 

However, keeping the fun facts about planes aside, let’s not forget how easy the aviation industry has made taking off the flights from one country to another. So, let’s keep flying and keep adding new airplane facts to the list. Also, do not forget to check the super affordable deals on domestic flights at Travanya. Pick up your phone and call now at +91-800-023-5865 to catch the cheapest flight to your desired destination. 


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  1. pepper says:

    I am never going on a plane again, that’s scary!

    1. Pawanpreet Kaur says:

      Hello Pepper,

      These stats are not stated for the purpose to scare you but just to keep you updated with the aeroplane facts. Nothing in this world created by humans has 100% safety be it a car, plane, train or bicycle. So stop worrying and just enjoy your life to the fullest. Also, do let us know about your air travel plans as we will help you book your tickets with the best airlines at affordable rates.

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      Team Travanya

  2. Ryan says:

    Very interesting i never knew these facts about a plane!

    1. Pawanpreet Kaur says:

      Hello Ryan,

      We are extremely delighted to know that you liked our post. Kindly subscribe to our newsletters to stay updated with such interesting posts.

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