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UAE Approves 5-year Multiple Entry Visa For All Nationalities

5 year Multiple Entry Visa For All Nationalities

Posted on Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 by Navneet Kaur

The United Arab Emirates, a nation full of great purposes, consistently attracts large numbers of travellers. The country is widely known for its entertainment, mesmerizing, dazzling high-rise buildings, and stunning nightlife that attracts many tourists from all over the world. Due to its wonderful life and mix of society and culture, it is known as the best tourist destination in the world.

In order to make the country the main destination for the tourism industry, the public authority has made progress with a 5-year tourist visa. Yes, it is absolutely true that you can arrange your travel to UAE with this Multiple Tourist Visa for 5 Years!

Multiple-entry – 5-year UAE Tourist Visa

In light of everything, the UAE government recently endorsed another visa that would allow you to stay in Dubai for full five years. Individuals of every nationality entering the country can now get a five-year visa. This five-year visa will allow each person to stay in the country for mandatory 90 days on their visit, and the visa can be extended for an additional 90 days. In addition, travellers can enter the country on self-sponsorship on various occasions.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship introduced a five-year visa for exile families and business seekers to visit the United Arab Emirates, although at times they require their five-year visa residency.

Implementation of the five-year UAE Tourist visa

The five-year, multi-route UAE tourist visa was announced on 21 March 2021. Better information about how this visa will be implemented will be revealed in the coming time. Its execution is, again, the responsibility of the federal authority for identity and citizenship.

According to reports, the terms and conditions for obtaining a five-year multiple tourist visa will be the same as for the existing UAE tourist visas offered by the country.

Expo 2020 Visitors

According to Expo 2020, a 5-year multiple tourist visa was announced last year. At the time, Ali Mohammed bin Hammad Al Shamsi, chairman of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, said that this option is beneficial for the upcoming Expo 2020. Visitors to Expo 2020, UAE, are believed to invite 21 million guests every year. Dubai, in particular, invites a large number of travellers, so expanding this further, the new 5-year Dubai Holiday Visa will certainly be useful.

With Expo 2020 bookings for the foreseeable future, the UAE government is striving to increase the number of visitors. The idea is to use this super opportunity as an incentive to further increase worldwide interest. By offering a 5-year traveller visa to Dubai, the public authority needs to guarantee the greater number of tourists who want to stay in the country for as long as possible.

Benefits of 5 Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa for UAE

  • Reducing visa application processing time
  • No repeat process of applying for the valid visa
  • No need to make multiple payments
  • Long stay in UAE with your friends and family
  • Providing opportunities to job seekers
  • Spend less money

Documents Required for 5 Year Multiple Entry Tourist Visa in UAE

The documents required for a five-year multiple tourist visa are similar to the standard visa categories provided by the country, the mandatory documents are:

  • copy of your passport (valid passport or valid travel document)
  • filled application form
  • passport size photo
  • confirmed airline ticket


Given that it is available to individuals of all identities and nationalities, it would be the most ideal way to attract tourists. Explorers will be in favour of it because of reducing the visa application fee and lengthy hassle process. Additionally, travellers visiting UAE often come to admire the excellence of their dreams because of this visa. The move could help the country progress over the next 50 years as the UAE is expecting 10 million visitors so far and 40 million in the next 10 years.

Additionally, since the deal is open to all, it could be an essential option for the future of the UAE’s travel industry. Amazingly, the United Arab Emirates always welcomes tourists from all over the world. Contact us at +91 800 023 5865, if you want to travel to UAE or enter a western country with a 5-year multiple entry visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of a tourist visa for 5 years in the UAE?

Answer: Till now no announcement has been made regarding the cost of a 5 years Dubai visa for tourists.

Q: Do we need travel history to get a UAE five year visa?

Answer: With the online application process, no one is asked to provide any information about their previous multiple-entry visa for the visa requirements. So no travel history is required for this visa.

Q: How Simple is the UAE Multi-Entry Tourist Visas Process?

Answer: It takes hardly 5 minutes to complete your application form and upon approval, you will receive a confirmation email.

Q: What is the cost of a UAE 5 year tourist visa for Indians?

Answer: Generally, the cost of a UAE Multiple Visa with a validity of 5 years for Indian travellers is AED 650 which is equivalent to INR 13,300.

Q: Which are the official websites to apply online for UAE Multiple Tourist Visa?

Answer: If you wish to apply through Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Al Ain and Al Dhafra the ICA website www.ica.gov.ae is the right platform. Or, if you wish to apply through Dubai, the GDRFA website – https://www.gdrfad.gov.ae/en is your platform.


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