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15 Exotic Mexican Fruits That You Must Try

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One of the best things you can do in Mexico, apart from exploring the tourist attractions, is to try some exotic Mexican fruits. You’ll discover many weird fruits and vegetables here and this is among the most exciting things about travelling to Mexico. This country is the place that offers you the most unique foodstuff in the world. 

One of the advantages of travelling to Mexico is that you can get these fresh and healthy foodstuffs every day in front of your doorstep. Head to the Mexican market, and you are expected to hit upon many root vegetables or spiky fruits that you have possibly never heard of. 

List of the Top 15 Exotic Mexican Fruits 

  1. Dragon fruit (pitaya)

Pitaya is among the most exotic fruit examples. It was initially made famous by the Spanish occupiers. The Mexican dragon fruit has a lightly sweet taste and soft flesh.

How to eat dragon fruit?

Using a sharp cutting knife, cut the Mexican pitaya fruit into two. After that, scoop out the fruit using a spoon, or cut it into cubes. 

  1. Soursop (guanabana)

Soursop is a big pear-shaped green Mexican fruit with dark green skin covered with big spikes. The soft creamy flesh inside this Mexican fruit red with spikes, is white. The smell of this fruit is somewhat similar to the smell of pineapple.

How to eat soursop?

To eat this Mexican spiky fruit, just cut it half and take the flesh out. Soursop can be eaten raw or added to a smoothie. 

  1. Rambutan

This is among the weird fruits found in Mexico. It is typically seen in Southern Mexico. It seems like a golf ball. Rambutan is a weird red fruit that is delectably sweet and, it tastes a bit like lychees.

How to eat rambutans?

With a cutting knife cut this fruit into two. Pop the slippery white exotic looking fruits inside your mouth. 

  1. Lime

Undeniably, they are not as fascinating as other weird fruits in Mexico, but they are definitely plentiful. Limes in Mexico are smaller than Limes in its neighbouring countries.

How to eat limes in Mexico?

Cut and simply squeeze them over whatever you want. Place a lime slice on each dish, and suck a lime while drinking Tequila.

  1. Mango

There are numerous health benefits of eating this Mexican small yellow fruit. They are highly fibrous, low in calories, and rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. You will surely enjoy the juicy, orange-yellow flesh.

How to eat mangos?

Chop them up and have them for breakfast. Use this Mexican yellow fruit for making cakes and Mexican fruit desserts, or try mango margarita or mango juice.

  1. Zapote negro (sapote)

You even call Zapote negro as chocolate pudding fruit. A few people say that it even tastes a bit like chocolate. However, in reality, the taste is more similar to prunes.

How to eat zapote negro?

Slice it into two, take out the flesh, and push it using a strainer to squeeze the seeds out.

  1. Pomegranates

The Spanish brought pomegranates to Mexico and are at present extensively cultivated in the country. Autumn is the season for pomegranate, which is from late August to November.

How to eat pomegranates?

Cut it from the top, and after that, score the sides using a sharp knife. Crack it and open the fruit by pulling it apart.

  1. Mamey sapote

The shape of this weird Mexican fruit is similar to a small football. Mamey Mexicano sapote fruit has hairy brown skin.

The flesh inside the sapote Mexicano a bright salmon colour. It tastes like a blend of sweet potatoes and apricots.

How to eat mamey sapote?

Cut the sapote Mexicano in half, and use a spoon to take out the soft and meaty flesh. You use it in smoothies and ice creams.

  1. Papaya

Papaya comes in big size in Mexico, sometimes weighing more than 10 pounds each. The people of Mexico like this orange Mexican fruit. It is a very famous breakfast fruit in the country.

How to eat Mexican papayas?

With a sharp knife, cut the fruit into two and extract the tiny black seeds. After that, you can peel it and cut it into pieces to eat.

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  1. Prickly pear (tuna fruit)

The prickly Mexican fruit is found everywhere in Mexico during the late summer. The shape of this fruit is oval, and it can be found in different colors. It is covered with clusters of prickly hairs.

How to eat tuna fruit?

This fruit is generally eaten raw. Just cut the tuna fruit lengthwise, and slice off the ends. Peel off the skin and eat.

  1. Huayas

Huayas are mainly common on the Yucatan Peninsula and a little akin to Rambutans and lychees, even though it is native to Central America. They are called Guayas, too. It is a popular fruit for making jam.  

How to eat Huayas?

Just bite the green shell (not too hard), and the thin shell readily cracks apart, releasing a juicy, creamy pulp.

  1. Tejocote

Tejocote is a native species of hawthorn that grows in the hills of Mexico. This fruit can be eaten raw but taste well when cooked as it gets sweeter while cooking.

How to eat Tejocote?

You can eat Tejocote raw, either directly or by cutting it into small slices. But, this fruit tastes best if cooked.

  1. Jocote

Jocotes are native to Central America, and they have been used in medication and for food for several years by indigenous people. This fruit is rich in many vital nutrients and vitamins. 

How to eat Jocote fruit?

You can eat the skin and flesh of jocote while it is ripe. Throw away the big seed inside.

  1. Cherimoya

Cherimoya is associated with soursop but is typically known for being better when it comes to flavor. Likewise, soursop, Cherimoya, is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C. It tastes like a combination of pineapple, banana, and papaya.  

How to eat Cherimoya?

Cherimoya can be eaten ripe using a spoon. Just cut it in half, take out the seeds, and scoop out the flesh with a spoon.

  1. Nanche

Nanches Mexican fruit is usually eaten raw or cooked as dessert. Also, it can generally be seen in local markets between August and September. Nanche is highly rich in Vitamin C.

How to eat Nanche?

You can eat Nanche fruit raw or use it in desserts. Healthy fruit juice can also be prepared with this fruit. 

Where to buy fruit in Mexico?

Due to the warm and tropical climate in many regions of the country, there is an extensive range of exotic Mexican fruits. There is a big custom of growing tropical fruits in Mexico, and a few have been produced since prehistoric periods. 

The capital of Mexico, Mexico City, hosts an assortment of markets with a variety of Mexican fruits and vegetables during the week. The Sunday mornings are very special, with lots of families working together. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to eat the most unique fruits in Mexico?

Answer: It is absolutely safe to eat different exotic fruits in Mexico. At last, the locals and tourists can now enjoy the street-side fruit.

Q: What is the national Mexican fruit?

Answer: Avocado is Mexican star fruit. It is also one of the most unique fruits in the world.

Q: Are fruits costly in Mexico?

Answer: During the season, most of the year excluding summer, the best exotic fruits in Mexico cost about 10 Pesos for 3 to 5 kg. Avoid purchasing them from the supermarket.

Q: Which fruit in Mexico is the most popular?

Answer: Mango is the most popular fruit you’ll find in Mexico. This yellow exotic fruit in Mexico is deliciously sweet and juicy.

Q: Which are the seasonal fruits and vegetables native to Mexico?

Answer: Apples, Green Chile, Red Chile, Plantains, and Pumpkin all fall under the category of seasonal Mexican fruits and vegetables.


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