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SpiceJet Web Check-In Policy & Eligibility Criteria To Know

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Have you done packing for your upcoming flight? Gear yourself up for a hassle-free experience with the SpiceJet web check-in policy. Known for its services and low fares to domestic as well as international destinations, no doubt SpiceJet is one of the best domestic airlines in India. The airline has been serving the Indian aviation industry since 2005 and now proudly stands as the 2nd largest airline in India as per market share and passenger travelling rate. From providing the customers with cheap domestic flights to flexible SpiceJet web check-in options, the airline leaves no stone unturned in delighting the customers with its services. So, let’s dig in deep and know in detail about the various SpiceJet flight web check-in options. 


SpiceJet Web Check-In Time

Spicejet web check-in time starts from 48 hours to 2 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. You can use the Spicejet web check-in facility to select your seat, print your boarding pass and even cancel or change your booking. To use the Spicejet web check-in facility, you will need your PNR number or booking reference number, as well as a valid photo ID. You will also need to get your boarding pass printed. 

Once you have all of the required information, you can go to the Spicejet website and look for the web check-in link. Once you click on this link, you will be taken to the web check-in page, where you can enter your PNR or booking reference number. You will then be able to select a seat for your flight and print out your boarding pass. If you need to make any changes to your booking after checking in online, simply log into your account using your PNR or booking reference number. From there, you can change the date of travel, cancel your booking, or add additional items such as baggage or seats.

With the Spicejet web check-in facility, it is easy to take control of your journey before even arriving at the airport.

SpiceJet Web Check-In Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for online check-in with Spicejet, you must:

  • Be flying on a domestic flight within India
  • Have a valid PNR number
  • Be travelling with hand baggage only (no checked baggage)
  • Check-in at least 2 hours before your flight’s departure time
  • Have a valid photo ID and boarding pass

If you meet all of the above criteria, you can proceed to check-in online. Simply enter your PNR number on the Spicejet website or mobile app and follow the prompts. You will then be able to print out your boarding pass or have it sent to your mobile device. Remember to bring your photo ID and boarding pass with you when you arrive at the airport, as these will be required for verification before you are allowed to board your flight.

If you have any questions or concerns about check-in eligibility with Spicejet, we recommend contacting their customer support team for assistance. Alternatively, you may also speak directly with a representative at the airport prior to departing for your flight. 

Spicejet Flight Web Check-In Requirements

Wondering how to web check in Spicejet? Well, it is as easy as a walk in the park. SpiceJet’s web check-in feature allows you to check in for your flight on the internet, rather than going to the airport. The SpiceJet web check-in online can be done at the SpiceJet web check-in site. Many travellers prefer this method as it saves time and hassle at the airport, and also gives them more control over when they will board their plane. However, there are some limitations or restrictions with web check-ins – you may not be able to change seats or get an aisle seat if you choose this option. 

If you are interested in printing out a SpiceJet web check-in boarding pass online for your next trip, get in touch with our travel experts and see what the process entails. And, why not? It’s a good idea to have everything ready ahead of time so that you can simply print out your boarding pass and be on your way.


We at Travanya are a leading tour and travel agency that can help you with the required information on the SpiceJet Web check-in policy. The details provided by us on the SpiceJet web check-in time and boarding process are true to our knowledge. However, we neglect any kind of monetary risks associated with the same. In case of further queries regarding the SpiceJet check-in for international or domestic flights, feel free to reach us out at +91-800-023-5865

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I check-in for my SpiceJet flight?

A: You can check your SpiceJet flights on the website, mobile app, or at the airport counter. However, if you are travelling with infants or small children, we recommend checking in at the airport to secure seats near your family members. To use SpiceJet web check-in online facility, all you need is a valid email ID and travel document like (PAN/Passport/Voter ID) and the name of travellers on reservation booking.

Q: What are the check-in deadlines for SpiceJet flights?

A: The recommended check-in deadline depends on your departure location and flight, but typically you should aim to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before your scheduled departure time to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. Some specific routes may require you to arrive even earlier, so be sure to check with SpiceJet ahead of time for specific requirements.

Q: How can I make changes or cancel my booking with SpiceJet?

A: In most cases, it is possible to make changes or cancel your booking directly through the website or mobile app. However, for some bookings made through travel agents or third-party websites, you may need to contact them directly to make changes. If you need to cancel your booking, we recommend doing so as soon as possible to avoid any penalties or fees that may apply.

Q: What is the SpiceJet child policy?

A: Children between the ages of 2 and 12 are welcome on all SpiceJet flights. Infants under the age of 2 can also fly but will be required to sit on a parent’s or guardian’s lap for the duration of the flight. Additional charges may apply for infants, so be sure to check with Spicejet ahead of time.

Q: Does SpiceJet offer any special assistance for passengers with disabilities?

A: Yes, SpiceJet offers special assistance for passengers with disabilities. If you require any assistance, please let our team of travel experts know at least 48 hours before your scheduled flight so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Q: How can I contact SpiceJet customer service?

A: You can contact SpiceJet customer service by phone, email, or through social media channels. For specific information, you can reach SpiceJet’s customer support number at 0124-498-3410. They are always happy to help and usually do their best to resolve any flight-related issues.

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