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Carry on Luggage Size and Dimension Restrictions That You Must Know!

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Carry On Luggage Size and Dimension Restrictions

Understanding the carry-on luggage size can make your trip planning process easier. You can decide which items to prioritize and which to leave behind or in checked luggage based on the requirements of your chosen airline. There are a few minor differences between the cabin luggage size guidelines offered by different airlines and we take a shot at covering them here. 


Standard Airline Cabin Baggage Size Guidelines

While different airlines have different requirements, the standard combination is weight note exceeding 7 kgs and size not exceeding 115cm when height, length, and width are added up. You’re relatively safe to travel on any domestic or international airline if you remain within these cabin baggage size requirements. 

However, suppose you need more room and want to know precise information. In that case, we discuss the hand luggage size requirements of different airlines below:

Qantas Cabin Bag Size 

If you are taking flights to Australia then you must be well-acquainted with Qantas Airlines as it is Australia’s biggest airline, as well as a well-respected name in the skies. The Qantas carry-on baggage policies are fairly straightforward. 

  • Passengers can carry two bags, one carry-on and one personal bag. 
  • 10 kgs per bag but 14 in total. 
  • Cabin luggage size can be 1x115cm, 2x105cm, 1x115cm + 1x105cm or 1×185 non-rigid garment bag. 
  • International Economy passengers can carry a 1x115cm bag or one non-rigid 1x185cm bag that doesn’t weigh more than 7 kgs. 

The personal item can be a handbag, laptop bag, tote bag, diaper bag, or something similar that you can place under the seat in front of you or on your lap comfortably. Also, explore the serenity of the country with these places to visit in Australia.  

JetStar Cabin Baggage Size

JetStar is a popular low-cost airline operating domestic and a few international routes including flights to United Kingdom. The JetStar carry-on baggage size and weight depend largely on the class of fare you’re travelling on. Here’s a look at the options available:

  • You’re allowed to carry two pieces, one small suitcase for the overhead cabinet and another that can fit under the seat before you. 
  • Starter fare with Plus or Max Bundle allows you to carry 2 bags that shouldn’t weigh more than 7 kgs. 
  • The Flex Bundle and Business Class ticket allows you to carry two bags that shouldn’t weigh more than 14 kgs. The weight of one bad shouldn’t exceed 10 kgs. 
  • The dimensions allowed are 56cm x 23 cm x 36 cm. 

If your bag fits the dimensions mentioned above, it will be allowed on the JetStar flight without you incurring any additional costs. If flying to UK, do not forget to check out the beautiful UK attractions and explore the beauty of it. 

United Airlines Cabin Baggage Size 

One of the most popular airlines that you will come across when you take your flights to USA, United Airlines is amongst the major airlines in America. To make your boarding process easier, you must ensure to board items within the size limits of United Airlines. Some of the available options include: 

  • Passengers are allowed to take a carry-on bag and an ideal carry-on luggage size for United Airlines is 9x14x12 (in inches). 
  • You can carry one extra bag and the maximum dimensions for it must be 9x10x17 (in inches).
  •  If any of your bags are larger than the carry-on baggage dimensions and size, then you may have to pay the additional charges. 

While flying to the USA, also check the famous places in America that will make your trip unforgettable for life. Also, make sure to keep your baggage within the required dimensions to save yourself from the extra cost. 

Japan Airlines Cabin Baggage Size

Japan Airlines runs several flights to Japan from India and other multiple locations and they have their own carry-on requirements.

  • The carrier allows two bags, one small suitcase and one personal bag per passenger. 
  • The bags shouldn’t weigh more than 10 kgs. 
  • Japan Airlines requires the cabin suitcase size to be 55cm x 40cm x 25cm. 

Your first bag should fit properly in the overhead cabin and the second one should fit well under the seat before you. Like all carriers, Japan Airlines will place all oversize or overweight bags in the cargo and charge you an additional fee. 

Singapore Airlines Hand Carry Allowance

Singapore Airlines is also a popular choice among travellers when looking for flights to Singapore from India. It is one of the most respected names in the business and offers fairly affordable service. Here’s a look at their cabin luggage size guidelines:

  • Economy and Premium Economy services allow one luggage and one personal bag. 
  • Business and First Class services allow two pieces and one personal bag.
  • The small carry-on luggage shouldn’t exceed 115cm when all dimensions are added up.
  • The piece shouldn’t weigh more than 7kgs. 

If you’re travelling with an infant, you will be able to carry a personal bag with all of the essentials they need. This bag shouldn’t weigh more than 6kgs. Also, do not forget to check out these awesome Singapore tourist attractions that you must visit while on your trip. 

Virgin Australia Carry-On Allowance 

Virgin Australia is another popular international airline carrier that has many flights to Bali, Ho Chi Minh City, Tokyo and Shangai from India. Its baggage policies are similar to other popular airlines like Qantas. You can carry

  • One standard size bag, two small bags, or one standard size and one suit bag along with a personal bag on Economy and Economy X tickets. The weight of these bags shouldn’t exceed 7kgs in total. So if you carry two small bags, they must both have a combined weight of 7kgs.
  • One standard size bag, two small bags, or one standard size and one suit bag along with a personal bag for Business Class and Velocity Gold and Platinum Members. Each bag can weigh 7kgs. If you carry two small bags, they can each weigh 7kgs. 
  • The maximum dimension of the standard size bag is 56cm long, 36cm wide, and 23cm deep. The small bag should be less than 48cm long, 34cm is wide, and 23cm deep. The suit pack should be less than 114cm tall, 60cm wide, and 11cm deep. 

Make sure the bags are all small enough to fit into the cabin overhead and your personal item can fit under the seat before you.

Malaysia Airline Hand Carry Weight and Size 

The cabin baggage size Malaysia Airlines requires depends on the class you travel to. The airline doesn’t specify any dimensions but we recommend using the industry standard as a guideline. You can carry the following in the cabin of your flights to Malaysia

  • If you’re travelling by Economy, you’re allowed one piece that can weigh up to 7kgs. 
  • If you’re travelling by Business Class, you’re allowed two pieces that weigh 14kgs in total. 
  • If you’re travelling by Business Suit, you’re allowed two pieces that weigh 14kgs in total. 

We recommend visiting the airline’s website to check if there are any particular requirements to consider. 

As you can see, the carry-on luggage size requirements are quite similar across different airlines but the small differences can influence your packing. Make sure you’re always within limits to avoid any last-minute hassle and charges. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if my bag is overweight or oversized?

A. If your bag is overweight or oversized, you will need to check it in and pay the required fees. Most airports will have to weigh machines and sizers to check if your carry-on bag size fits their guidelines.

Q. What can I pack in my carry-on?

A. If you’re travelling internationally, you will need to look at international flight carry-on bag restrictions of your origin and destination countries. As a good rule of thumb, make sure all liquids, gels, and aerosols are packed in clear 100ml containers and stored in clear resealable bags. You can find more instructions on the travel authority or airline’s website.

Q. How to measure suitcase dimensions?

A. Measuring hand luggage dimensions is easy. You need to measure the length of the suitcase, the width, and the depth. You can add up all of the dimensions to get a full estimate of the size. Some airlines will want the sum to be under 115 or 118cm.

Q. How heavy can a carry-on be?

While some airlines allow more, it is best to limit your carry-on bag weight to less than 7kgs. Carrying large or heavy bags will cause problems during the check-in process or on the flight. You should be able to fit the bag in the overhead cabin and load it into the cabin without assistance from the flight crew.

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